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Digital hoarding involves collecting files on one's computer beyond the point of usefulness. Often, files can be acquired through the Internet at no monetary cost, leading to extraordinarily large collections. Examples include music collections, often beyond what one enjoys or can listen to and television shows, movies and computer games. Hoarders, or "digital pack rats",[12] often resort to buying optical media or new hard drives[13] to store their collections, rather than deleting what they may never use.

Digital hoarders find it just as difficult to press delete as traditional hoarders find throwing items in the trash can, have the same feeling of clutter and chaos, feel that they might find the item useful "someday," and similarly spend large amounts of time acquiring and organizing their collections.[14] However, unlike physical clutter, automated systems exist to organize digital clutter. Scientific American remarked that humanity's propensity[15] for data collection is growing at a rate faster than their ability to store it.[16]

Digital hoarding is not a currently recognized subtype of compulsive hoarding by the DSM.

и другое:

наверное, у меня вторая с половиной стадия.

русская версия радует:
Часто человеку бывает жалко выбросить ненужную вещь, потому что она «может пригодиться». В деревне это не так страшно, поскольку там всегда есть много места для хранения барахла: сараи, чердаки и т. п. — наконец, барахло можно просто свалить во дворе. В городской же квартире от таких вещей очень быстро становится тесно.

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