April 28th, 2009

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пришла рассылка из одного магазина, где я покупала куртки детям. привожу ее целиком:
Less importantly, I have four announcements...

1. We've got Triple Rewards going at Moosejaw.com right now. That means you get 30% back in points. So, if you get a jacket that costs $150 you'll get $50 in points the second your order ships out. Use code 3XREWARD to geat the deal. It's the best deal ever so please tell everyone about it. Click here to get to the site.
2. We have lots of stuff on sale at MoosejawRewards.com and you may have enough points to get something for Free. After you get lots of new stuff with the Triple Rewards thing click here to use your points for some sale stuff at MoosejawRewards.com.
3. I watched the movie Layer Cake last night. If you haven't seen it you should rent it immediately.
4. I just struck a deal with my girlfriend... we get to watch any NBA Playoff game I want to watch over any of her shows through the next couple months as long as I give her a five minute massage while we're watching. I think it's a really fair deal and by spreading this kind of love we can really change the world.
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больше всего в жизни я ненавижу, когда тошнит. все остальное - фигня. ротовирус - это просто кошмар для меня
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прямое включение

еще и температура поднимается быстро.
надеюсь, через жж вирус не передается.
когда-то степка бегал и декламировал следующее:
у меня температура,
кашель, насморк и понос
громко крикну "аска дура" -
ну какой же с психа спрос...