asy (asy) wrote,

интересный факт про вакцину от свиного гриппа

Currently a link between GlaxoSmithKline's swine flu vaccine Pandemrix and childhood narcolepsy is being investigated due to increased prevalence of narcolepsy in Finnish and Swedish children after vaccinations. Finland's National Institute of Health and Welfare is recommending that Pandemrix vaccinations are suspended pending further investigation into 15 reported cases of recently vaccinated children developing narcolepsy.
In Finland in mid-November 2010, 37 cases of children's narcolepsy had been reported as suspected adverse events of Pandemrix. This can be compared to the normal average of 3 cases of children's narcolepsy per year.

и еще, In 2004 researchers in Australia induced narcolepsy-like symptoms in mice by injecting them with antibodies from narcoleptic humans.

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