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и навстречу нам отряд сорок мальчиков подряд!

To celebrate Harrison Ford's 40th credited big-screen appearance in Cowboys & Aliens this weekend, Steve Murray takes a look back at
everyone's favourite acting chameleon. Click the Fords to find out more.
Journey to Shiloh, 1968: As WILLIE BILL BEARDEN, Ford plays one of seven young Texan friends, riding out to volunteer for the Confederate army.Getting Straight, 1970: JAKE: A student in this film about youth politics.American Graffiti, 1973: BOB FALFA: A drag racer.The Conversation, 1974: MARTIN STETT: An aide who puts pressure on Gene Hackman's character.
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, 1977: HAN SOLO: A rugged intergalactic smuggler.Heroes, 1977: KEN BOYD: A Vietnam vet who helps his friend search out the other men from their unit.Force 10 From Navarone, 1978: BARNSBY: The leader of an American sabotage unit called i??Force 10.i??Apocalypse Now, 1979: COLONEL LUCAS: An intelligence officer during the Vietnam War.Hanover Street, 1979: LIEUTENANT DAVID HALLORAN: An American bomber pilot in the Second World War.
The Frisco Kid, 1979: TOMMY LILARD: A bank robber who befriends a Polish rabbi in this Western comedy.Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, 1980: HAN SOLO: A rugged intergalactic pilot fighting an evil empire.Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981: INDIANA JONES: An archaeologist searching for the fabled Ark of the Covenant.Blade Runner, 1982: RICK DECKARD: A retired police officer called back to duty to hunt down bioengineered robots.Star Wars: Episode VI - Return  of the Jedi, 1983: HAN SOLO: A member of a rebel alliance tasked with deactivating shields.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, 1984: INDIANA JONES: An archaeologist searching for a mystical stone in India.Witness, 1985: JOHN BOOK: A police officer who enters the Amish community in order to protect a young boy.The Mosquito Coast, 1986: ALLIE FOX: An inventor who takes his family to Central America in order to build an ice factory.Frantic, 1988: DR. RICHARD WALKER: A surgeon searching for his missing wife in Paris.Working Girl, 1988: JACK TRAINER: An executive who gets duped by a secretary pretending she has her boss's job.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989: INDIANA JONES: An archaeologist searching for his father and the Holy Grail.Presumed Innocent, 1990: ROZAT SABICH: A prosecutor framed for the murder of his lover.Regarding Henry, 1991: HENRY TURNER: A lawyer recovering from brain damage as a result of a shooting.Patriot Games, 1992: JACK RYAN: A CIA analyst targeted by members of the IRA.The Fugitive, 1993: DR. RICHARD KIMBLE: A vascular surgeon on the run from the law in pursuit of his wife's killer.
Clear and Present Danger, 1994: JACK RYAN: A CIA acting deputy director drawn into an illegal war.Sabrina, 1995: LINUS LARRABEE: A business-driven man caught in a love triangle with his brother and a girl they once knew.The Devil's Own, 1997: TOM O'MEARA: A police officer who unknowingly harbours an IRA terrorist.Air Force One, 1997: PRESIDENT JAMES MARSHALL: The president of the United States, fighting terrorists aboard Air Force One.Six Days Seven Nights, 1998: QUINN HARRIS: A pilot who, along with a magazine editor, becomes shipwrecked.
Random Hearts, 1999: DUTCH VAN DEN BROEK: A police sergeant who tries to uncover his dead wife's secrets.What Lies Beneath, 2000: NORMAN SPENCER: A university research scientist.K-19: The Widowmaker, 2002: CAPTAIN ALEXEI VOSTRIKOV: A Russian submarine captain who must avert a nuclear disaster.Hollywood Homicide, 2003: SERGEANT JOE GAVILAN: A homicide detective who moonlights as a real estate broker.Firewall, 2006: JACK STANFIELD: A security specialist who has to rob the bank he protects in order to save his family.
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, 2008: INDIANA JONES: An archaeologist racing against the Soviets.Crossing Over, 2009: MAX BROGAN: An immigration officer charged with bringing a child to his grandparents in Mexico.Extraordinary Measures, 2010: DR. ROBERT STONEHILL: A scientist hired by parents looking for a cure to their children's disease.Morning Glory, 2010: MIKE POMEROY: A venerable newscaster forced to work on a lighter-fare morning show.Cowboys & Aliens, 2011: COLONEL WOODROW DOLARHYDE: A hardened man who runs the town of Absolution in the Old West.

  • просто интересуюсь

    а тут живые люди есть?

  • жизнь

    пошел дождь. в колорадо это не часто. сначала запах, потом дождь. когда всякая работа возникает, то днем понять завтракала я или нет, могу только…

  • когда сети и связи порушены

    лежит фб, лежит вацап и инстаграм вместе с ними. часть общения (друзья и по работе) у меня в этих мессенджерах и часто даже нет номеров телефонов…

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