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завидую детскому лагерю

Monday: In the morning, we will learn a little bit about rocks and minerals before heading out to experience some local geology firsthand. Afterward, we will head to the Colorado School of Mines for a self-guided trail walk, then a guided museum tour.

Tuesday: We will create our own fossils and see what kind of materials make the best fossils. Then we will travel to Dinosaur Ridge to see footprints of the dinosaurs that once lived in Colorado. We will also get to try our hand at sluice mining for fossils, gems and minerals.

Wednesday: We will travel to Rocky Mountain National Park to learn about glaciers. There will be a quick stop at a mineral shop as well to see the various types of minerals there are in nature! Students who wish to purchase minerals from the shop may want to bring money.

Thursday: Today, we’ll explore Edgar Mine in Idaho Springs, and stop at Red Rocks. In the afternoon, we will travel to north Boulder to see some fossils. Please bring a sweater or light jacket, as the mine can get chilly.

Friday: We will spend the morning learning about the formation of Eldorado Canyon, explore the
wonders of erosion, pan for gold and look for rock climbers high above the ground! In the afternoon, we will head to ABC Kids Climbing and test our skills.
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