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Russia by Masha

Table of Contents
What is Russia?......3
Russian Food?.......3-7
Russian Fashion……..7-9
Russian Transportation…….9

Have you ever been to Russia? Well, if not, I am from Russia and I will tell you about the food, the fashion and the transportation.

Get ready to travel...

What is Russia?
Russia is a big country. Russia is so big it is on two
different continents! It is in Asia and Europe. In Russia they speak Russian and they have a different alphabet.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 143 million people live in Russia?

Russian Food
There are lots of different foods in Russia. I will tell you about three of my favorite foods.
The first one is grechka. Grechka is a brown thing. It is kind of squashy, but not too much. It is made out of seeds. You eat it for dinner. It tastes kind of like rice.
The second one is borsch. Borsch is a soup made with beets, cabbage, meat and vegetables. It is chunky because of the meat and red because of the beets. You can eat it hot or cold. It is not too sweet, sour or spicy! It is just right.

Blini is my third favorite. It is a lot like pancakes, but it is thin and big. People eat it with almost everything. You can put sour, sweet, or spicy things on it. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But we mostly eat it on holidays. They are very good and they are my most favorite.
Russian food is different than American. You should go to Russia one day and try the foods. Or you can find a Russian restaurant in Colorado.

Would you like to learn about Russian fashion? If yes, I will tell you about three most common things people wear.
The first one is Valenki. Valenki is shoes that are made with wool. They up to your calf. People wear them in the winter in their house. They keep your legs warm.
A shapka is a soft stretchy hat. It is made out of wool. They wear it so your ears won’t freeze off. It gets really cold in Russia.

Palto is a rain coat, but it does not have a hood. It is thick and made out of leather. It is waterproof and windproof. You’ll need one to survive the cold air.
I hope you liked learning about Russian fashion. Now you know what you will need to wear in Russia, if you go.

Russia is a big country, so there needs to be a lot of transportation, so people can get around the cities.
A tranvay is like a train. It travels through the city. They are usually red or yellow. They run on train tracks on the regular roads.
Autobus is a bus. It stops at many places so people can get on and off. It can take you places where there are no train tracks. They are usually very crowded.
A metro is underground train. You need to go down really deep to get to it. They have a map where to stop and then you climb back up the stairs. It goes all under the city.

Fun Fact: Did you know the metro even goes under rivers?
I hope you get to Russia and check it out soon. If you do, try the food, wear the fashion and ride the transportation.
What is the food that has a cabbage?
2. What transportation goes under rivers?
3. What would you wear if it is raining?

4.What is Russia?
Small country
Big Country
None of the above
5 What do you wear in the house in the winter?

*Hint: Go back to the text to find the answers.

хрюкаю от смеха по куче пунктов. особенно про любимую еду. пойду гречку поставлю варить на завтрак, раз уж так.
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