asy (asy) wrote,


про 23&me и отправку наборов извне штатов. если кратко: так делать не надо - они все отменяют.
It has come to our attention that the 23andMe kits you purchased in the United States were transported to and/or used outside of the US.
The 23andMe Personal Genome Service that may be purchased through our US online store is only available for purchase in the United States and must be used in, and returned for analysis from within, the United States in order for us to comply with applicable laws. We apologize if this was unclear to you at the time of your purchase.
This is specifically addressed in the 23andMe Terms of Service, which customers must agree to in placing an order. Section 10 states:
“You may not use the Services outside of the country to which your sample collection kit was shipped from 23andMe." You can find the full text of our Terms of Service here:
At this time, we are required to invalidate the sample kits as we cannot provide the US version of the Personal Genome Service outside of the United States.

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